1. Afghans from Inside Afghanistan
Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, Defense Minister, Islamic State of Afghanistan
Dr. Nafissa Qaneh, Director of Faizabad Hospital, ISA
Mrs. Zohal Zara, activist, ISA
Ms. Mariam Panjshiri, Kabul activist, ISA
Mrs. Hawa Ghiassi, Principal of Jangalak School, ISA
Mrs. Zainab Rabbani wife of President Rabbani, ISA
Mrs. Nabillah Hami, teacher of the Koran, ISA
Bibi Yaqut, farmer, ISA
Ahmad Shah Massoud, Assassinated Defense Minister, ISA
Mawlawi Abdulbari Takhari, Chief Justice, ISA
Yunus Qanooni, Minister of the Interior, ISA
Dr. Abdullah, Minister of Foreign Affairs, ISA
Dr. Ravan Farhadi, Ambassador to the United Nations, ISA
Ustad Zara, Minister of Education, ISA
Mohammad Sharif Hammoun, Deputy to the Harakat Islami Wahdat, ISA
General Baba Jan, Department of Defense, ISA (Bagram)
Commander Daud, Department of Defense, ISA (Takhar)
Engineer Kamaluddin Nezami, Minister of Reconstruction, ISA
Assem Suhail, Assassinated official of the ministry of Foreign Affairs, ISA
Massoud Khalili, Ambassador to India, ISA
Many civil society organizations for men, women and youth. Thousands of signatures from men, women and youth including students, teachers, clergy, intellectuals, writers, media personalities, government officials, military personnel, farmers, shopkeepers and internal refugees (includes educated and non-literate segments)

2. Afghans from Outside Afghanistan
Mrs. Amena Afzali, Iran
Mrs. Roquia Habib, former member of Parliament, United States
Ms. Sima Wali, Director of REFWID, United States
Dr. Ishaq Naderi, United States
Dr. Qadir Amiryar, United States
Ms. Shogufa Khaki Malikyar, Germany
Ms. Golalay Reshtia, Switzerland
Dr. Zieba Shorish-Shamley, United States, president of WAPHA
Mrs. Sara Amiryar, United States, activist and former President of Tassanud
Dr. Tahera Naderi, United States
Mrs. Adela Farhadi, United States, writer
Ms. Nasrine Gross, writer, women's activist, United States
Mrs. Marie Khalili Nasiri, writer, United States
Hassina Sherjan Samad, humanitarian, United States
Chekaiba Wakili, activist, United States
Hanifa Fariwar, women's rights activist, Canada
Dr. S. M. Raheen, politician and member of 1977 Loya Jirga
Ms. Siddiqa Moosa, United States
Mr. Walid Majrooh, United States
Mr. Hashem Safi, former governor of Helmand
Mrs. Sardar Farhang, the United States
Women's Alliance for Peace and Human Rights, United States
Association for the Protection of Afghan Women and Children, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Association for Peace and Democracy, United States
Islamic Movement of Women of Afghanistan, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Atlanta Afghan Women's Association, United States
Center for the Protection of Asia Peace, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Thousands of signatures from Afghan refugees in Tajikistan, Germany, France, England, Pakistan, Canada and the United States

3. International Organizations, Governmental Entities and Personalities
Nicole Fontaine, President, European Parliament
Emma Bonino, European Parliament
Mary MacMakin, PARSA, Peshawar, Pakistan and Kabul, Afghanistan
Maria Felicidad, Spain
Feminist Majority, United States
National Women's Political Caucus, United States
National Association of Commisions on Women, United States
Alliance of Women's Organisations, United Kingdom
Peacewomen, United States
Marie-Arlette Carlotti, European Parliament
Olivier Duhamel, European Parliament
Geneviève Fraisse, Eureopean Parliament
Arlette Laguiller, European Parliament
Alain Madelin, European Parliament
Philippe Morillon, European Parliament
Michel Rocard, European Parliament
Daniel Cohn-Bendit, European Parliament
Martine Aubry, Mayor of Lille, France
Khalida Messaoudi, Deputy, Algeria
Patricia Lalonde, activist, France
Elizabeth Badinter, writer, France
Brice Lalonde, Generation Ecologie, France
Juliette Minces, writer, France
Michael Barry, writer, France
Segolene Royal, cabinet minister, France
Roselyne Bachelot, French deputy
Francoise Hostalier, former cabinet minister, France
Richard Cazenave, French deputy
Thierry Jean-Pierre, European Parliament
Dorothy Irene Height, National Council of Negro Women, United States
Betty Friedan, author, feminist, United States
Charlotte Bunch, Center for Women's Global Leadership, United States
Gloria Steinam, Ms Magazine, United States
Rose Styron, Amnesty International, United States
Constance Borde, writer, women's rights activist, United States/France
Barbara Bick, Institute for Women's Policy Research, United States
Martha Burk, National Council of Women's Organizations, United States
Blanche Weissen Cook, author, United States
Isabelle Letellier, human rights activist, Chile
Judy Lerner, Peace Action, United States
Carolyn Maloney, US Representative
Karen MaCarthy, US Representative
Janet Schakowsky, US Representative
Constance Morella, US Representative
Dana Rohrabacher, US Representative
Several hundred organizational support as well as several hundred thousand individual signatures from around the world.

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